HEALTH/SEL/PSHE Teaching Resources for schools by Lily Bass

Sugary Drinks Worksheet and Lesson Plan, grades 5-8 (US)

Alcohol Poster/Activity and Lesson Plan, grades 8-12 (US)
Behavior, Cyberbullying and Bullying Activities Bundle (US)

Refusal Skills – Saying “no” worksheet (US) 

Bullying Worksheets, KS3/4 (UK)
Victim Blaming Story, Worksheet and Lesson Plan, KS3 (UK)

Caffeine worksheets, KS4 (UK)

Racism Quiz and Worksheet KS3/4 (UK) 
  Quizzes, group activities, lessons, worksheets, puzzles, posters. Topics include bullying, racism, alcohol, healthy relationships etc. For ages 7-16. UK: VISIT LILY BASS’S SHOP on  USA: VISIT LILY BASS’S SHOP on
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